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Rauthenticity is a creative community

that celebrates vulnerability.


We are a place for the makers. A place for the seekers who live life with eyes wide open to all that we cannot see. We are on a mission to find home. To find a place that begs us to come alive. We don’t know the answers, but that doesn’t stop us from asking the questions. We are following the fire within. Sometimes we shine so bright that we see beyond ourselves, but sometimes we get so close to the flames that we get burned by our own light. But those scars don’t stop us. We trace our fingers across our skin and we know that they are signposts guiding us home. We show up. We strip down. We make art. We create to make sense of it all. And through everything, we have come to know that together is surely better.


We are a podcast and newsletter. 

 On the Rauthenticity podcast we interview people who are creating something in hopes to leave the world better than we found it. We focus on highlighting creatives that embrace vulnerability. 

The Rauthenticity newsletter is a daily introduction to a creative in our community, relaying 365 people a year that are living intentionally and making a difference in the world - launching Fall of 2017.